Why I Sing….

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free.
I sing because in my heart there rings a melody.
I sing a new song for the brand new mercies I see,
I sing with such a passion as if Christ died just for me.
And when I sing my songs of praise to the One I adore,
I never want my song to be sung as if it’s a ritualistic chore.
I never want to sing a song with words that are shallow and vein,
and I never want to sing a song full of complaints and “woe is me” pain.
God put a song in my heart, that I won’t keep hidden from others.
May my song dedicated to Him be encouraging to all of my sisters and brothers.
And if death closes my eyes, don’t let my song die with me too.
Please God, let someone carry on the tune giving all glory and honor to You….giving all glory and honor to You…

To paraphrase a song I’ve heard years ago, “Go out and sing of His glory, let it echo far and wide…make them hear you…make them hear you…”

One of my favorite songs of all time that bring this theme to life. Be blessed.

The Faster Runner Does Not Win This Race

This race is not for the swift nor the strong, but for he that endures to the end.
I am trying my hardest to stay in this race, but my legs are cramped spiritually by sin.
I am trying to concentrate; I am trying to stay focused; but the enemy’s weapons attack me like a swarm of locusts. First, he tries to get me to doubt, when I have every reason to keep the faith, and God gives me every reason to scream and shout praises to His name. Therefore, I tell the enemy to fall back, because I am not falling for his game. I live by the bread of life and I rely on it for nourishment, but that sneaky foe tries to get me to eat a bowl of discouragement. It tastes sweet at first, but turns bitter going down. I notice the smile and joy on my face evaporates into a frown. I really need my Jesus; there has never been any doubt how much I’ve missed Him. I need to purge all of this despair and discouragement right out of my system. I remember He said be of good courage and be of good cheer,
God has not given me the spirit of fear. I am holding on to His promises, and trying to live right.
I keep running this race because the finish line is in sight. However, distractions and diversions veer me off course; I try with all my might to fight off this evil force. I realize that I cannot run this race on my own, so I send my prayers up in hopes that it reaches God’s throne. Jesus came down to carry me at the moment Satan thought he had me defeated, but when he saw Jesus lift me up and cross the finish line as a winner, he was the one that retreated. I asked Jesus how I won the race even though I have constantly sinned. He said I already forgave you; I was more concerned that you endured to the end…..I was more concerned that you endured to the end……..

Reflect on the lyrics to this song……