Why I Sing….

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free.
I sing because in my heart there rings a melody.
I sing a new song for the brand new mercies I see,
I sing with such a passion as if Christ died just for me.
And when I sing my songs of praise to the One I adore,
I never want my song to be sung as if it’s a ritualistic chore.
I never want to sing a song with words that are shallow and vein,
and I never want to sing a song full of complaints and “woe is me” pain.
God put a song in my heart, that I won’t keep hidden from others.
May my song dedicated to Him be encouraging to all of my sisters and brothers.
And if death closes my eyes, don’t let my song die with me too.
Please God, let someone carry on the tune giving all glory and honor to You….giving all glory and honor to You…

To paraphrase a song I’ve heard years ago, “Go out and sing of His glory, let it echo far and wide…make them hear you…make them hear you…”

One of my favorite songs of all time that bring this theme to life. Be blessed.


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