Welcome to Spiritual Sandwich – a blog which describes some of the questions and challenges of a few individuals who was seeking to find their authentic self in the presence of Almighty God.

This venture was started about three years ago, by Dorcas (alias Spiritual Sandwich) as a means to express a spiritual journey of discovery and authenticity not only within herself, but outside in a church and world filled with hurting people who were divided on so many levels.   By sharing these blogs, she hopes to help others realize they are not alone when they are faced with some of the most challenging circumstances in their life.  Ultimately, she hopes that they will find peace, love and a sense of belonging as they seek to find the love of Christ.

There have been other co-writers who have joined Spiritual Sandwich on this blog-trip of discovery in seeking their authentic self. We have come to realize, there is no drive-through break-through; it is a long distance test of endurance with many twists and turns and unexpected events at which we pray we will meet our final destination in Heaven. Our journey continues and you are welcome to join us…

Spiritual Sandwich


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