The ubiquitous phrase, “Black is Beautiful” has been a part of the cultural lexicon since the 1960’s. As the last day of Black History month comes to a close, I reflect on what this phrase truly means to me…this poem is dedicated to all of those out there that have a “Black is Beautiful” state of mind….

Black is beautiful, whether your ancestry is from Africa or the Islands,
Black is beautiful whether you are the outspoken type, or prefer silence.
Black is beautiful, regardless of your religious denomination or political views,
Black is beautiful whether you prefer classical music, Jazz, or Blues.
Black is beautiful whether you are doctors, lawyers, or teachers.
Black is beautiful whether you have subtle or dominant physical features.
From pyramids to projects, from kings to crack fiends, from pimps to U.S. Presidents,
Black is STILL beautiful…say it with pride, and not hesitance.
Now even though Black is beautiful, however, there is an even more beautiful color you see,
And that is the color of the blood that Jesus shed, when He died for you and me.
God has brought us through so many trials and battles, and He has never given us a reason to doubt Him,
However, as much as we celebrate the accomplishments of our ancestors, there would never
be any Black History or ANY history without Him.


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